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"He who hesitates, meditates in the horizontal position."

- Ed Parker

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Progressive Wing Chun Milton Keynes - Sifu Ross McLeod

Sifu Ross - Senior Instructor Profile

Sifu Ross McLeod

Sifu Ross is the senior instructor at Progressive Wing Chun.

Sifu Ross has been training in Wing Chun for nearly 5 years firstly under Sifu Gary Payne and Sifu Neil Sydenham at the RSDA and then under Sifu Neil at Progressive Wing Chun when the RSDA closed early 2009. Having worked his way up to instructor level Sifu Ross has grown to have a deep respect and passion for both the traditional and modern aspects of Wing Chun. Sifu Ross runs some of the weekly classes unassisted and also assists Sifu Neil on a Thursday evening generally to help demonstrate just how effective Wing Chun techniques can be.

Sifu Ross was given the fantastic opportunity early in 2010 to teach the Tuesday night class which is both very enjoyable and very rewarding. Sifu Ross has expressed his admiration of both learning and teaching at Progressive Wing Chun, and finds it a relaxed, friendly and fun place to train.

Through training in this art, Sifu Ross has learned that you do not need to be strong or ridiculously fit in order to defend yourself effectively. After all there is always a bigger fish, so you cannot rely on being physically superior. At Progressive Wing Chun we mix the traditional art with modern close quarter combative (CQC), knife defence, Kubotan, and self-defence in order to learn to defend ourselves in realistic situations.

Although Sifu Ross finds the traditional aspects of the art fascinating, he has never been keen on blindly following techniques and being expected to simply accept them. This is why Sifu Ross teaches in the same way he was taught. Techniques will be demonstrated to the class, explained, but there is more focus more on working with students as they practice as have found that students pick up things at different rates, students may also have questions that they will ask one to one but don not ask in front of the class.

Sifu Ross is a great believer in asking questions even if it may feel it may be stupid (nine times out of ten it is relevant and not at all stupid). It is better for students in their training, and it is also good for instructors to hear students questions as it gives feedback as to where you are both physically and mentally in the system. From learning what students want to know challenges instructors to learn more about the Wing Chun system?

I look forward to meeting you during training, and begin to pass on what I know about this brilliant martial art, so come a long, enjoy yourself and learn to be a Wing Chun Kung Fu martial artist.

Sifu Ross has qualified and has been awarded:

  • Martial Arts National Instructor.
  • Proficient in Child Protection.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • A Club for All & Equity in your Coaching.
  • First Aid Trained.
  • Body Language and situation assessment.

Sifu Ross looks forward to seeing you there.

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