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"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

- Bruce Lee

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Kids Martial Arts Class in Milton Keynes

Kids Classes

Kids have the opportunity to train in martial arts with Progressive Wing Chun in Milton Keynes from 5yrs and upwards. The Progressive Wing Chun curriculum for kids differs slightly to the adult classes based on kid's physical ability and mental focus. The Kids classes consist of basic self defence drills, pad work, fitness and team games, exercises and drills. Progressive Wing Chun also teaches kids how to perform punches, kicks, elbows and palm strike, with the emphasis performing each movement correctly.

Progressive Wing Chun also develops essential life skills and their ability to deal with the everyday stresses and challenges, improve communication, boost confidence, and help with discipline and respect. Progressive Wing Chun also promotes anti bullying campaign whereby we work closely with the parents, guardians and schools of our students.

Every class is started and finished with a bow to show respect to the training environment, fellow students and more importantly, the instructor.

A brief warm up follows, whereby the children listen to instructions whilst running around the outside of the matted area. The instructor will call out random instructions that the kids have to follow such as touching the floor with different parts of the body, such as hands, knees elbows etc. Although this is a warm up it is also a fun exercise to highlight to the kids the difference between the different parts of the body, left and right, clockwise and anti clockwise directions. This exercise reduces the chance of injury during the remaining part of the class whilst boosting kids's fitness and focus.

Progressive Wing Chun uses mathematical and number games to teach kids the importance of numbers which help to develop and improve kid's memories. The mathematical games include doing different activities on different number stations which may consist of various types of exercise or drill.

Every exercise or drill that is practiced during the lesson is designed to help the children improve motor skills & coordination, boost fitness, and increase confidence as they may have to perform in front of the class. Progressive Wing Chun encourages other students in the class to give credit when other members of the class perform well or master a new skill.

During every class the kids behaviour is monitored and kids are reminded of their behaviour to ensure that continue to be well behaved. One of Progressive Wing Chun rules is that no student is to practice martial arts outside of the class unless their parents or guardians has said it is ok to do so (i.e. practicing at home). If found that the kids have used martial arts in school or with or against other children then Progressive Wing Chun will assess each situation independently and discuss with the parent, guardian and potentially the students school what is the correct route of discipline.

If the kids have been well behaved throughout the lesson then the end of the lesson is finished off with a game of dodge ball or bulldog. Dodge Ball is where the kids have to run from one end of the room to the other without being hit by a soft ball Bulldog is where the kids have to run from one end of the room to the other without being touched lightly on the head. If playing bulldog with older kids, then bulldog will be consist of lightly wrestling the kids to the floor and pinning them by their shoulders for 3 seconds.

Every lesson has a set task or goal which the kids are told about at the beginning of the class. At the end of the lesson the instructor will re-illiterate the task or goal that was set out and remind the student why it was important.

Progressive Wing Chun teaches kids martial arts skills in a fun, warm, friendly and safe environment, whereby the kids will have fun whilst learning essential life skills and self defence techniques.

Parents are welcome to watch the lesson, but are reminded that they must not interfere or get involved in the running of the lesson, so as not to cause disruption. If their child is involved in a situation whereby they have been seen not to behave, parents and guardians must leave the instructor to deal with appropriately.

ALL of our instructors are CRB certified; see CRB Screening, have full public liability insurance, first aid trained and a hold a Martial Arts instructor or coaching qualification. Our instructors have a vast experience in teaching Martial Arts to adults and kids. Also refer to the Progressive Wing Chun Child Protection Policy for further details of how we look after every child that trains with us.

Our kids class times are: every Thursday 6pm to 7pm
We are also open during school holidays

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