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"The weakest of all weak things is a virtue that has not been tested in the fire."

- Mark Twain

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Progressive Wing Chun Milton Keynes - Kids Kung Fu Parties

Kids Kung Fu Parties

martial arts themed birthday party

Kids parties can be a nightmare to organize with a theme to choose, where to hold the party and who should be invited. This is on top of the added pressure of the Child's birthday and organizing gifts too.

Why not try something different, we at Progressive Wing Chun specialise in teaching kids Kung Fu, self defence, how to work as part of a team games, coordination skills, discipline, concentration and respect.

Progressive Wing Chun parties entertain kids of all ages with exciting, high-energy, interactive games, and activities that are bound to enrich your children's imagination with the world of Kung Fu and Martial Arts.

A typical party will last one hour and will consist of the following activities:

  • A basic warm up where the kids are required to listen to the instructor who calls out instructions which the kids have to follow. This exercise gets the kids warmed up and teaches the kids coordination, body mobility & helps them with fitness.
  • The second part of the warm up is where we play various games to again improve kids coordination, fitness, speed and reflexes.

Both parts of the warm up are to help get the kids in to the right mind frame to help them relax. This helps them have more fun and improve their learning experience

We then have a variety of exercises to choose from:

  • Punching and kicking drills, these vary depending on the age of the kids and they range from very basic up to more intermediate drills and are against pads.
  • Number games, number stations are arranged on the floor and the kids are given numbers to add to or subtract from. Upon the correct answer being given the child then moves to that number.
  • Using the number stations on the floor kids are given different exercises to do at each station, the kids aim to try and get though the course as quickly as possible.
  • Fast hand drills: this shows the speed of Wing Chun Kung Fu hands with a few games and activities, snatch the tissue & punching drills.

Every party finishes with a game of either:

  • Dodge ball: which is more suited for the younger kids. Each child is give a set of up to 3 lives and the object of dodge ball is that the kids have to get from one side of the room to the other without being hit with a soft ball - the last child in wins the game.
  • Bulldog: This is more suited for the older kids. The kids are given one life and the object is that the kids have to get from one side of the room to the other without being caught and pinned to the floor for a count of three.

Kids leave Progressive Wing Chun Parties inspired with the world of Kung Fu and Martial Arts

All Progressive Wing Chun Parties are:

  • Approximately 60 minutes, can be extended if required.
  • The perfect entertainment for kids aged 5-12!
  • Appropriate for any group size!
  • Can be held at yours or our location!
  • Affordable and tons of fun!

Our parties are coordinated with Health and Safety in mind. Risk assessments are carried out at each venue and should be carried out in advance of the party to ensure that the venue is sound. In organising the party at your venue we would need to know in advance to ensure that the venue is safe to hold the party.

ALL our instructors are CRB Certified, have full public liability insurance, first aid trained and a hold a Martial Arts instructor or coaching qualification. Our instructors have a vast experience in teaching Martial Arts to adults and children.

We are also open to feedback, so if you have had us hold a party for your child then please let us know what you thought, what improvements could be made, any recommendations are all welcome.
We would appreciate your comments.

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