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"Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit softly."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Traditional Art Modern Thinking

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Wing Chun For Adults & Teens

Wing Chun For Adults & Teens

Student being swept

The adult classes are held at our Kwoon at South Furzton Meeting place in Milton Keynes. They are always opened with a simple stretch, this is to get tired limbs and stiff joints warmed up and the students in to the right frame of mind. There is not a physical warm up unless we are training in semi contact or full contact sparring which only applies to senior grades.

Every class is started and finished with a bow to show respect to the training environment, fellow students and the instructor.

Each class is themed, the students are pre-framed of what the lesson is to consist of, i.e. forms, techniques, pad work, Chi Sau, sparring, ground work, weapons etc. Having a theme for each class helps the student understand what he or she is going to learn. The themes are based around self awareness, self confidence, self defence, grappling, wrist locks and holds, speed, power, positioning, body structure, energies and techniques. Exercises are demonstrated which are then drilled which aids with coordination perfecting valid skills, most students see results in a matter of just a few weeks.

Although the classes are of mixed ability, students will train predominantly with people of the same ability to build up confidence and learn at their own speed and level. Based on the theme of the class or subject matter being taught, the class may be split in to two or three groups that are applicable to the lesson so that students of similar levels have the chance to train together. If the class has been split up for part of the lesson, the class will be bought back together towards the end of the class so that everyone has a chance of training together students of different levels as training with student at a higher level greatly reduces learning time.

Upon attending a class for the very first time, every student fills out a form which gives us an idea of what they would like to gain from their training experience. From the answers given on the form, each student has their own training program which is tailored to suit their goals.

Progressive Wing Chun understands that everyone has different reasons for learning Martial Arts or self defence and choosing the correct club is paramount in todays society. These goals and objectives are monitored regularly with feedback from the student and during grading periods.

Throughout every class the instructor will give the opportunity for students to ask questions about what he or she is doing. At the end of the lesson, the class is concluded with what the lesson was about and any questions answered by the instructor.

Student in guard position

Progressive Wing Chun promotes the student to have their own opinion of techniques and at a certain level of training each student forms an opinion of what he/she like or dislikes etc. this can be based on personal experience, i.e. you have tried and tested something that worked or did not work in a situation. To aid the student form these opinions, the instructor may teach part of technique but the student has to fill in the gaps which helps the student to think for themselves.

Progressive Wing Chun knows that in a real situation you have very little time to react, so help students deal with real life situations we teach our students to quickly assess their opponent to gain valid and important information such as the opponent's height, build, weight, intent, etc. We also teach our students to be more aware of where they are, who they are with, where they are going, inform someone of where they are going (if they are younger). From being taught these valid skills, each student will become more aware and prepare and avoid potentially threatening situations.

Although everything in the Wing Chun System works very well, students always develop a personal preference to certain techniques based on their level, technical ability and experience. We at Progressive Wing Chun promote that as long as you put in the training and gain the understanding you should not have a preference but understand that you should adapt accordingly to the circumstance. This is because Wing Chun is not handed or sided, i.e. everything you can do with the left you can do with the right. Bruce Lee developed his own concept of this theory called Jeet Kune Do which translates as "the way of the intercepting fist."

Students performing Bong Lap Sau Technique

The Martial Arts Industry is very open to politics, opinion and criticism. Progressive Wing Chun train and promote in a non political environment where everyone is welcome and egos will not be tolerated. We have a very unique and open way of teaching and students are encouraged to ask questions about what and how they are being taught. Progressive Wing Chun does not believe in the "golden technique" that you hear on occasion from other clubs and instructors. We teach techniques that have been tried and tested over a long period of time and work in the real world. Every class that Progressive Wing Chun teaches is packed full of fun which again helps students to relax, feel welcome and learn faster.

Progressive Wing Chun has its own code of conduct whereby during every class students should show respect to the Instructor, Assistant Instructors, fellow students, training area (kwoon) and the training equipment. Please refer to the Progressive Wing Chun Code of Conduct and the Ip Man Code of Conduct.

Our adults classes times are:

  • Tuesday: 8pm to 9.30pm
  • South Furzton Meeting Place
    1 Blackmoor Gate
    Furzton, Milton Keynes
    MK4 1DS

    Progressive Wing Chun also teaches adedicated Kids Class

    Private Tuition is also available.

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