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"Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit softly."

- Theodore Roosevelt

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Progressive Wing Chun Milton Keynes - Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

For more details on any of our courses or whether you would like to attend or book us for events, please feel free to contact us by email:, or call us on 07796 678632

Most of our seminars are £30 per head pre-booked or £35 on the day, unless otherwise stated.

Check back regularly as events are frequently updated

Available Seminars

  • Wing Chun Seminars - variety of subject matters - Forms, Chi Sau, techniques, etc
  • Wing Chun Grappling and Ground Work
  • Self Defence
  • Women's Self Defence
  • Personal Safety and Awareness
  • Close range and long range techniques
  • Edged and Blunt Weapon
  • Kettlebells & Core Strength
  • Control and Restraint (C & R)

Up and Coming Events:

There are no up and coming events at the present time - Check back later for updates

Past Events:

Iain Armstrong Chi Kung Seminar (non martial art based) - October 2013

A one day course to an introduction to Fixing Your Health With Chinese Chi Kung, to create a strong, healthy body, a calm, healthy mind. & a good, happy life.

This intensive one day course taught us how to fix health problems, calm your mind and gain more energy and vitality. It was based on the key teachings in Iain Armstrongs book / on-line course "Get Your Health Back FAST With Chinese Chi Kung".

the course was a beginners course, designed specially for people who have not been taught the Tong Ling Chi Kung system before. Of course it opens the door to more advanced training. This course is ideal for people who:

  • Need more energy
  • Are stressed and need to find balance and calm
  • Are prone to illness
  • Have nagging health problems
  • Are interested in alternative medicine
  • Want to develop their personal energy
  • Intend to strengthen their concentration and ability to get things done

If you believe that you fall into one or more of these groups you should join Iain for this this course in the future.

We learnt on the course:

  • Where the energy centres lie in our bodies and how to 'charge them up' with Chi.
  • How Chi circulates around our bodies and how to greatly strengthen it's flow.
  • Tips and tricks that Chi Kung Masters use to greatly improve their abilities.
  • Where and when to practise in order to get the most benefit.

After attending this course you will be able to do:

  • The 11 gentle exercises of the Tong Ling Chi Kung system
  • Chi Kung facial massage
  • Basic meditation

By taking positive action and beginning to practise Chi Kung you will be joining our expanding 'Kung Fu - Chi Kung' community, making new friends and steering your life in a better direction. More sophisticated courses and events will follow.

Massive Thank you to Iain Armstong who took the course and a thank you to all who attended.

Edged Weapons Seminar - September 2013

This was a seminar which was carried out during normal Wing Chun training time. This was also sprung on the students so that they were out of their comfort zone to see how they would act under a little bit of pressure.
We learnt how to deal with someone who is yielding an edged weapon and what to do. We performed a number of techniques against each type of attack including wrist locks and holds, take downs etc. The main point was to create enough distance between you and the opponent, prior to any attack secure the weapon yielding limb.

Trevor Jefforson Wing Chun Seminar - June 2013

Understanding is the vital part of leaning anything new, being able to mimic or simply repeat the words or actions of a teacher does not give the student the ability to develop fully or expand their own horizons whether in education or the martial arts. All the techniques of Wing Chun are found in the forms, but also there are principles and strategies that can be followed to lead to a complete knowledge of personal body mechanics related to violent confrontations.

We began the seminar with breaking down the stance of Sil Lim Tao and not looking at how it should be done but looking at how power is driven from the heel and we practised with a partner driving from the heel and pushing in to them
We then ran through the three seeds of Wing Chun and understood that the Tan Sau is to develop contact on the outer gate (ulna) the Fook Sau is to develop contact on the inner gate (radial) and Bong Sau is for the point when the elbow is away from the "fixed elbow position" i.e. using the humerus.

Once this was understood we moved in to the Bong Lap exercise and performed it with a partner and it was done with a punch instead of a Fak Sau which was very refreshing as we do this too. Poon Sau was then demonstrated but stop points were discussed and introduced as you should be consciously looking and analysing your defence and attack as well as your opponents.
After we had performed Poon Sau wit a partner we looked at entry techniques and how they can be used to get in to Chi Sau with the emphasis on your opponents reaction.

Once again a great seminar with some great points put across. refreshing to see like minded people teaching similar concepts and theories to Progressive Wing Chun. Overall a great days learning and I look forward to the next seminar with Trevor. Thanks to everyone who attended, Sifu.

Clive Potter Wing Chun Seminar - May 2013

This was a true opportunity to train and learn from one of Wing Chun's greats, having practised some Judo in his late teens, Clive commenced learning Tae Kwon Do in 1970. This overlapped for a few years with starting to learn Ving Tsun in 1971 under Joseph Cheng of Lee Shing lineage. In 1980 Clive trained for a couple of years under Nino Bernardo and in 1983 he was taken on as a student of Wong Shun Leung. In 1990 Clive was given a certificate to teach under Wong Shun Leung and have been teaching his method ever since.
In 2007 Clive was introduced to the combat Tai Chi method of Grandmaster Fang Ning and has been travelling to China to learn from him directly. At this moment Clive is also in China training under Grandmaster Fang Ning and will be returning to the UK on 6 March 2013

We began the seminar with a breif introduction about Clive and his training background. We then went through and broke down the first form Sil Lim Tao and noted the differences between the Ip Man and Wong Shun Leung Linages. We looked at the stance and how important tit is that your own structure is sound to ensure when driving power in to a target and also to absorb power from an opponent.
With a partner ran through a few simple drills to test the Bong Sau and Tan Sau and made note of the differences in positioning. We then looked at Chi Sau and how easy it is to use structure and exploit errors in your partners position to attack and also defend and counter attack.

Clive is a true gentleman and has a deep and thorough understanding of Wing Chun, although Clive is learning Tai Chi, he understands the similarities between Wing Chun and Tai Chi and has used this training to further develop his understanding and skill set.

Everyone had a great days learning and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Personally I cannot wait for the next seminar. Thank you to everyone who made it. Sifu Neil

Tong Liu Wing Chun Seminar - April 2013

Another great Seminar not to be missed being run by Master Tong Liu, 4 hours of pure genius, Techniques, Chi Sau, drills, slight of hand magic, fast hands and other hidden gems within the Wing Chun System. As always Master Tong will also be bringing one or two of his super talented students who will assist on the day. Looking forward to this one as it is going to be special as always.

If you attended the last seminar which Master Tong hosted back in September 2012 then this will be a great opportunity for you to recap and fine tune those skills.

Book early to ensure you are not disappointed. Everyone is welcome

Down But Not Out!! - March 2013

Down...but not out! Is a seminar introduced students of traditional foot and fist systems a bolt on ground defence package that complements their existing skills.

There is a bit of a myth that most fights end on the floor, if you choose to take it there or follow law enforcement protocols then that is true.

1st Session - From the ground

As this was mainly a grappling session it was important to warm up correctly.
The warm consisted of warming up the back, legs, arms and neck.

Understand basic position on your weak side use you dominant side to kick, sweep, strike etc. We then explored how to spin round using the feet and how easy it is to manoeuvre. With a partner who holds a pad, spin round and kick the pad, when the pad is kicked properly the partner backs off and allows you to get up see how quick you can be.

We then moved in to the ground work & grappling where we explored a variety of Chokes, Strangles, Holds and compressions beginning on the ground showing transitions from one position to another, using both hands and feet to apply techniques and also apply the technique on the partners hand, foot or head etc.

2nd Session - Core Strength Training

This session was to show how to perform core strength training without the need for going to the Gym, all of the exercises were applicable to Wing Chun:

  • Press Up Challenge to the song 'flower' by Moby (bring Sally up, bring Sally down!) - see how many you can do!
  • Ladders, 1 squat, 2 squats through to a total of 20 squats which was set as the standard and everyone had to follow - equates to 210 in total
  • Leg raises with a partner front and to the sides.

Kettle bells

  • Pressing in laying position
  • Renegade rows

This was a fantastic session which highlighted the need for understanding ground fighting and whilst many fantastic control and submission techniques exist in ground fighting once you tap out, immobilise or render your assailant unconscious you have to get back to your feet and in the transition from back to standing your attacker will seek to take advantage. We explored the legal issues around use of force and responsibility to consider to...choke somebody out and you potentially then have a duty of care to the person who's airway and/or carotid you have compromised.

Down...but not out provided the attendees with simple, effective and tested tactics that allow them to employ existing Wing Chun skills and principles to deal with standing and mounted subjects from a grounded position, provide some simple turnover and reversals, returning to a standing position, understand effects of stress in confrontation, strength and conditioning and one or two submissions (just for fun!).

Regardless of who you are environmental impact factors, a mistake, a flinch response or attack from the blind side might see you knocked to the floor, if you have the knowledge and the skills you might be down...but not out!

I would like to thank Dan Sullivan who ran the seminar for his superb techniques and tuition. Dan has trained in a number of martial arts and combat sports, he is a qualified ABAE Boxing Tutor, level 2 UK Sports Coach, 1st dan Modern Aiki-jitsu, 1st dan Sambo, 3rd dan Goshin jitsu, 5th dan sports ju jitsu and one of only four individuals to be awarded a JJIF 6th dan Goshen Taiho Jitsu. He also competes in freestyle wrestling and has twice placed in the PSUK National Championships.

Dan holds CTTLS level 3 in adult education, is a level 3 R.E.P.s accredited personal trainer, kettle bell and strength and conditioning instructor.Dan currently teaches use of force curriculum subjects and first aid, he also provides expert witness advice in relation to use of force.

I would like to thank everyone who attended for a super effort which was put in by everyone, especially during the core strength exercises. A full write up is available to all that attended, please contact Sifu Neil for details.

Many thanks to everyone who attended.
Sifu Neil

Down But Not Out Group Photo

Tong Liu Seminar - 15th September 2012

This was another great oppertunity to train with one of the fabulous masters of Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Tong Liu.

1st Session

As always the seminar began with a warm up.

  • Solo drills were again practiced, both with and without footwork.
  • Explored the universal kick, why and how it benefits the practitioner
  • We then partnered up and did a drill against a classical Karate punch; the techniques were inside Tan-Punch and then Guan Sau Punch Using a Karate style punch we performed the Bong, Lap, Fak drill
  • We then moved on to a variety of exercises from Biu Ma To Biu Ma which included a variety of take downs which were very enjoyable.

2nd Session

  • Explored the five knife strikes
  • Bare Hands V Knife - Guan Sau Drill developed and then performed the Guan Sau drill against the five strikes.
  • Knife V Knife work, again using Guan Sau and then developing further with the countering knife stabs for each position.

Thanks to Master Tong for the seminar and Jack for your assistance on the day.
A good effort by all on what was a super days training. There was as always a moderate turn out and everyone enjoyed themselves. A full write up is available to all that attended, please contact Sifu Neil for details.

Many thanks to everyone who attended.
Sifu Neil

Sifu Neil Knife TechniqueSifu Neil Take Down Position Master Tong Bong Sau Against a Karate Punch Master Tong and Sifu Neil Demonstrating Bong-Lap- Pak Drill Tong Lui Seminar Group Photo

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